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HTML Websites

Business Website Templates that look both professional and visually appealing..

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Web Hosting

We Provide Hosting Plans to Meet Your Business Needs. Shared Business Hosting Special Offer..

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WordPress Websites

WordPress Business Themes from this collection will turn out to be a great way to create your website..

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Stripe Integration

Stripe is a great way to accept Credit Card Payments from your website, great for WordPress Websites..

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Get the Most Complete Security in the Galaxy.. When infusing your website with SiteLock security products, you are selecting the most..

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Amazingly responsive

Astra is made for the speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatchable performance..

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Learning Management System

LifterLMS helps online course creators convert their expertise & life experiences into income by creating impactful courses..

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Financing your Business

Take care of start-up costs and ongoing borrowing needs with a small business line of credit, loan or commercial mortgage..

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Why you will
Choose Pattenden Web Development Canada

You need an experienced Web Developer | Designer to give you the Best in the Industry. Yes, Pattenden Web Development Canada does give you no less than 1,000%. No, Pattenden Web Development Canada doesn’t just Design | Develop your website, then leave you stuck without support. We stick with you through the good and the bad. Until you are 100% Satisfied!

  • Tackling complex designs & seeing them through
  • Commitment to help with difficult decisions
  • Elite team of experienced designers and developers

As a company, We work to inspire brand loyalty, and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand you better.

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Elements Restoration

Carpet || Tile Cleaning

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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Business || Finance

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8 Business Tips for Building a Multi Million Dollar Company


Commitment to Our Clients

Companies and clients alike

Companies and clients alike, need to trust the people with whom they do business. We know as a client, you expect honest, straightforward interactions, where your voice is heard. As a company, We work to inspire brand loyalty, and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand you better. Along with open, authentic communication, comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. By adopting these five practical measures, we can together, realize the benefits of our business relationship. 1. As a company We promise to be human, avoid scripts, canned answers, and corporate doublespeak. As a client We ask that you be understanding and show the same respect and kindness to our company as your representative that you would like shown to you. 2. As a company We use our real name and express a personal touch. As a client We ask that you too use your real identity, and work to build a positive long-term reputation with our company. 3. As a company We anticipate that problems will occur and set clear, public expectations in advance for how We will correct them. As a client We ask that you recognize that problems will occur, and give companies the information and time required to fix them. 4. As a company We will cultivate a public dialog with our clients, so they feel they are being heard and to demonstrate our accountability. As a client We ask that you share issues directly with our company and give us the opportunity to respond, so we can work with you to resolve problems. 5. As a company We promise to demonstrate good intentions by speaking plainly, earnestly, and candidly with you about problems that may arise. As a client We ask you give our company the benefit of the doubt, and be open to what We have to say. Our hope is by working together in these ways we can build long-term relationships filled with trust and communication. We believe that When We help you succeed you will help us succeed.

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